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My Role in the York University Project

I believe it is important for the youth in Markham to access educational institutions in their community. This commitment motivated me to be the Co-Chair of the York University Markham Committee that facilitated York University's decision to build another campus in Markham which is scheduled to be open in 2023.


Creating Dialogue, Transparent and Accountable Government

As a Regional Councillor, I hosted several community engagement programs including my radio talk show in 2019 - insdie the Region with Nirmala Armstrong - on 105.9 The Region. These initiatives fostered open dialogue between Markham Residents, Community Leaders and Municipal Officials.


Community Outreach

Approximately 20.3% of our population is 65+ years old. MY experience on the Seniors' Committee and York Region Housing Committee opened my eyes to the needs of this large segment of our community. I will continue to advocate for senior housing, health an social services support.

As a survivor of domestic abuse, I fully appreciate the need for accessible and confidential victim support services. As a lawyer, I understand the need for Community Safety programs that integrate police, legal ad civil society agencies. I am a friend to those in need. As Regional Councillor I will continue to support those with accessibility issues, mental and physical impediments and provide the supports they need.

As a Regional Councillor, in 2017 I accompanied the mayor for direct engagements based on the Eabametoong First Nation Partnership Accord with the City of Markham.

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Sustainability Actions

I continue to be passionate about protecting Markham's physical environment - encouraging ecofriendly buildings, responsible waste management, and the proection of our green-belt food baskets.

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