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Sustainable Growth Planning

  • Increase efforts in conservation of environment and cultural heritage

  • Improve maintenance of parks and recreational facilities

  • Effective means of garbage collections and snow removal

  • Insightful planning and strategic planning of neighbourhoods, parks, and roads


Improving Public Service

  • Increase quality and accessibility of public services and programs

  • Improve protection of vulnerable sectors of the community (seniors, youth, etc.)


Mandate Transparency

  • Provide updates to Markham residents

  • Continue open dialogue and participation between Markham residents and municipal government officials

Go Strong With Armstrong!!


Dedication and Service

As our city thrives, we must balance those preservation of things that make Markham the special place we love and innovations that keep us a city of choice. As a Regional Councillor, I will bring a balanced approach. My professional and regional councillor experience allows me to turn dedication, passion, and commitment to serve and protect your interests.

It is important to note that we have just completed a lockdown for two and a half years as a result of COVID-19 therefore as your Regional Councillor, I will receive feedback from you, obtain information, analyze and discuss issues before voting.

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